Bands I Play in Currently

As a freelance musician, I play in a lot of different groups. And I really do mean "Different". 

Check out some of these bands!

Dog Leg Dilemma

This is my baby. This is the project that I write for, perform in, produce and organize. I even do most of the graphic design! Becaus of who I am and the crazy cloud of things I love , this music comes out as a wild journey jazz journey through every soundscape I can imagine. And, as you may have inferred, I can image quite a few! Go to our website to check us out, or visit one of our social media platforms: Facebook Youtube Twitter Istagram Soundcloud Bandcamp

Purcell Project

The Purcell Project is the brainchild of the band's frontman and composer, Alex Purcell. I like to call the music, "Harmonically Enlightened Indie Rock," but that only really scratches the surface. Al is one of my favourite song writers/composers. I am extremely grateful to be involved with this group. Our first EP is coming soon, so stay tuned for a link to download! In the meantime there is still Facebook 


Harmonauts is a really fun band for me! This is a 3 piece (for the moment) high energy ska band with a lot of external influences from Mowtown to punk and beyond. There is nothing better than playing bass for a dancing crowd. Check out our website! Also: Facebook Soundcloud

Traditional Jazz Stuff

I have a long standing on and off collaboration with jazz guitar player, Alex Whitehead, whom I went to music school with in NS. We basically learned to play jazz together and even recorded a duo album which you can stream or purchase here. We are planning a trio album with drummer, Noah Sherman, this year. Stay tuned for links!!! 

Persian Music

I'm still not really sure how it happened but I am now playing with two very different Persian groups. The first, and longest running one, is Rhythm & Vibes. This is more on the pop side of things but influenced by gypsy jazz and some other cool stuff. The other group that I am will be playing with this summer is called the Bazaar Project, led by Reza Moghaddas. This group is mostly instrumental and is a fusion of traditional Iranian Music, jazz and a lot of other things. I'm not a core member of either group but they deserve mention because I do play with them a lot and the music is really interesting!